5lb Bulk Mix Kit

5lbs Bulk Mix Kit

(5) Lb. Bulk Exploding Target Mix You can make a target as small or as big as you desire. Comes with a clear mixing Jar and enough base and catalyst chemicals to make 10 Lbs in targets. Directions included and easy to follow mixing instructions!

Sure Shot Targets are routinely featured on the TV show “Sons Of Guns” and are now available for personal use by the general public! Inside every target are a double sealed amount of pre-weighed catalyst, instructions insert and a sealed bag of base chemical. The bag doubles as a mixing container to expedite preparation. You can have a target ready to shoot in 60 seconds or less! To detonate a set-up target, it must be shot with a rifle projectile traveling faster than 2200 FPS.
Sure Shot Targets is one of only a select few binary target manufacturers in the United States licensed by the BATFE! A manufacturer must hold and maintain a special license to handle and use the explosive-grade chemicals found in Sure Shot Targets. These targets do not contain inferior components such as fertilizer or other second-hand chemicals! This is the real deal!

Have fun, but use responsibly. Please follow all set up instructions and safety guidelines outlined within the enclosed insert.


Price: $34.95